Sinus Lifts

Sinus Lifts

Working with professionals is essential when it comes to your oral health and surgery of any kind. At Mercer Smiles, patients can receive a myriad of dental care procedures and treatments, such as a sinus lift.

What’s a Sinus Lift?

A sinus lift is performed in our dental office to increase the amount of bone in the upper jaw. Bone material is introduced to the area between the jaw and maxillary sinuses. When the material is placed, the sinus must be lifted to make room for it – hence the name of the procedure.

Reasons for Surgical Intervention

A sinus lift is often performed when patients do not possess enough bone in the upper jaw. They’re also recommended when the sinus lies too close to the jaw, which can cause issues when placing implants. Let’s look into these issues for further insight.

Loss of Bone in the Jaws

Bone loss can occur for many reasons – most commonly, tooth loss. When patients lose teeth, the jawbone is no longer stimulated by their roots and begins to degenerate. Bone loss can prevent dentists from placing implants, as there is not an optimal amount of bone tissue present. Periodontal disease can also cause bone loss if the condition becomes severe.

Spacing Issues

In some cases, patients may have too little space between the maxillary sinus and the upper jaw. This can prevent dentists from placing implants and restoring your smile. Each patient’s sinus shape as well as its size varies, changing over time. When this shape interferes with the placement of implants, a sinus lift may be recommended.

If you’re interested in dental implants and your dentist recommends a sinus lift, there is nothing to worry about at Mercer Smiles. At our office in Robbinsville, NJ, you can find a team of skilled professionals with the tools and expertise to successfully and safely perform sinus lifts and give you back your smile. To schedule an appointment, you can reach a representative in our office at 609-270-8540. For questions about dental care at our facility, patients can call or email us at at any time.

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