Full Mouth Reconstruction in Robbinsville, NJ

Full Mouth Reconstruction in Robbinsville, NJ

For patients with multiple dental problems, our Robbinsville dentist is happy to provide full-mouth restoration services. Candidates for full mouth reconstruction include people with missing teeth, loose teeth, no teeth, or tooth decay. Full mouth reconstruction focuses on all aspects of the teeth and mouth instead of fixing just one problem.

Who Should Get Full Teeth Reconstruction?

Each of our teeth plays an important role, and so when one is missing, it can cause other problems. Having multiple missing teeth or no teeth can make it hard to do things like eating and speak. People with multiple dental issues may feel a lack of confidence in their smile, and we are dedicated to helping our dental clients restore their smiles for beauty, confidence, and functionality.

Mercer Smiles Family Dentistry has the experienced staff and the innovative technologies to completely restore your teeth for a new smile. It starts with a cleaning and consultation, where our team will assess the missing teeth and other dental problems to create a plan. In some cases, full teeth restoration can take place in one appointment with multiple procedures back-to-back.

Sometimes it may require multiple appointments to complete all of the procedures necessary. We aim to make the process as stress-free and comfortable for our patients as possible. You will feel right at home with our friendly staff in our clean and convenient office location in Robbinsville, NJ.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Dentistry

It requires a specialized dentist to successfully perform a full-mouth restoration. Procedures involved may include tooth extractions, dental implants, dental crowns, veneers, and dental bridges. Each full mouth reconstruction is designed for the needs of the patient in a personalized treatment plan.

One of the benefits of trusting our Robbinsville, NJ dentist with your full teeth reconstruction is that we have a modern dental office with specialized staff and flexible hours. We are open on Saturdays, and we have an emergency dentist on staff for when you need a dentist near you fast. Our service is focused on the patient, and we go above and beyond to provide the care that you need in a convenient, pleasant office environment.

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