Tooth Extractions in Robbinsville, New Jersey

Teeth are meant to stay in our mouths for our whole lives. However, at Mercer Smiles, we realize that this is not always possible or always the case. Tooth extractions are performed at our office in Robbinsville, New Jersey, for this reason.

Tooth extraction is the permanent removal of a tooth. Extractions can be both surgical or non-surgical. The difficulty of tooth extraction is dependent on the impaction or eruption of the tooth and its roots. Because tooth extractions demand the use of anesthesia, usually a local anesthetic, we take a traditional attitude towards tooth extraction, offering the procedure only when it is necessary to keep you smiling happily and healthily.

Reasons for Extraction

Advanced gum disease is the number one reason adults lose their teeth. If you feel a tooth loosening in your mouth, it is best to schedule a consultation at our office to discuss if tooth removal is necessary.

An abscessed tooth or one with severe tooth decay that cannot be saved or repaired may need to be pulled.

A broken tooth that is fractured at the gum line cannot be saved and may need to be removed.

An impacted tooth, usually one or more of the wisdom teeth, may need to be removed, especially if you feel pain in the area.

If you have too many teeth or your mouth is overly crowded to the point where teeth can’t erupt from the gum, a dental extraction may be recommended.

A healthy set of teeth is best, but occasionally an extraction may be necessary. The procedure to pull teeth is generally done under anesthesia, which numbs the area and stops you from feeling pain. To avoid complications and shifting, an extracted tooth may be replaced by a temporary or long-term bridge, implant, or dentures.

At Mercer Smiles, we usually reserve extractions for cases in which no other treatment is available or adequate to treat your oral problems. Call 609-270-8540 for more information or to schedule a consultation at Mercer Smiles in Robbinsville, New Jersey 08691.

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