Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges in Robbinsville, New Jersey

An alternative to dentures, a dental bridge is a permanent approach for fixing missing teeth. Many patients in Robbinsville, NJ, have a preference for a dental bridge. The result is safe and natural. Schedule a consultation at Mercer Smiles to determine if a dental bridge is a good choice for you. We offer a multitude of ways to replace missing teeth and will recommend the best solution for you.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a prosthetic which can be used in the event of partial tooth loss. As the name suggests, a bridge replaces lost teeth in between a patient’s remaining teeth. In order to be a strong candidate for a dental bridge, it is important that the remaining teeth are sturdy enough to support the dental bridge. If your dentist determines that a bridge is a good fit for you, the remaining strong teeth will have natural-looking crowns placed on them to serve as anchors for the base of your new tooth or teeth to be secured to. Your remaining teeth provide the foundation for guaranteeing your new tooth or teeth stay fixed in their proper place. Dental bridges can last for more than fifteen years if placed correctly.

Getting a dental bridge

Reasons to get a dental bridge include restoring the look of your smile, granting you the ability to eat and converse normally, maintaining the appearance and structure of your face, and stopping pressure and wear-and-tear on your remaining teeth.

At Mercer Smiles, we are happy to discuss the differences between standard dentures and dental bridges with you. We will go over the options available to you as well as the differences in treatment. The greatest difference between dentures and a dental bridge is that dentures are not fixed in place and can, therefore, be removed. A dental bridge may be preferred by people who wish to have a full set of teeth every day and every night. Because dentures are removable, they pose the inconvenience and hazard of becoming loose or falling out. If you currently have dentures and would prefer the feeling of secure teeth or find that doing things you love like eating, smiling, laughing, or playing has become more difficult because of dentures, you should speak to your dentist about switching to dental bridges.

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