Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting

Dental implants are the preferred choice for patients who need tooth replacement, but not everyone is a candidate. If you lack sufficient jaw bone, the most common solution is to build more bone. This is accomplished with bone grafting in Robbinsville. Mercer Smiles offers several options to restore the natural shape of a patient’s jaw and gums before receiving implants.

Bone Grafting in Robbinsville

We use five bone grafting procedures at Mercer Smiles. The goal is to grow and maintain bone for the purpose of placing dental implants.

  • Horizontal Ridge Augmentation
  • Sinus Augmentation
  • Socket Grafting or Ridge Preservation Bone Graft
  • Split Ridge Augmentation
  • Vertical Ridge Augmentation

You and your dentist in Robbinsville will determine which of the five bone grafting procedures is right for your case. Call Mercer Smiles to learn more about available bone grafting procedures.

Types of Bone Grafts in Robbinsville

Grafting material can be harvested or created from a variety of sources. It is then used to augment or preserve jaw bone for dental implants. All materials used at Mercer Smiles are backed up by significant scientific research.

  • Allograft: Lab-processed bone from a deceased human donor. This type is derived from a tissue bank.
  • Alloplast: Man-made bone grafting material.
  • Autograft: This is when a bone is retrieved from one area of a patient’s body and moved to another. Autograft is the only form of bone grafting that requires two surgical sites.
  • Xenograft: Grafting material from animal bone. It is usually bovine, or cow bone.

All of these bone grafts are processed, with the exception of autografts. Therefore, you can rest assured that the material we use is safe. There is no threat of disease transmission or rejection.

Bone Grafts at Mercer Smiles

Bone grafting in Robbinsville provides enough healthy jaw bone to support dental implants. With these bone graft procedures, your smile can then be restored along with your self-esteem. Besides enhancing your appearance, bone grafting also prevents further oral health complications. As a result, the added bone reinforces the facial structure and prevents resorption.

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